Aleister "Hot Sauce" Scoville

A white-haired, wild-bearded hippie with a kind face and curmudgeonly wit


Aleister “Hot Sauce” Scoville appears to be a middle-aged hippie who hangs around the park, playing guitar and busking for money that he gives away to the homeless. He has a wild, unkempt white-blond beard and longish blond hair that he usually keeps pulled back by a blue headband. Typically he wears denim jeans, a blue chambray workshirt, and scuffed hiking boots. He carries a guitar case (adorned with a My Little Pony sticker) and a bedroll on his back. He also has slung around his neck a messenger bag that is filled with sheet music and bottles of various types of hot sauces.

Hot Sauce represents the Children of Gaia on the Elder Council of the Sept of the Green; he is the caern’s Ritemaster and Gatekeeper as well.


Aleister "Hot Sauce" Scoville

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