Great White Mouse

A massive, horse-sized snow-white mouse with glowing reddish-black eyes and an ethereal appearance.


Great White Mouse is an old totem fighting to survive. He was originally a minor totem of the Garou, and predates the Bone Gnawers. When the Gnawers were formed, however, Rat’s followers destroyed many of Mouse’s, and he fled into the Umbra to a hard-to-find Realm, where he went into a slumber.

During the Great Depression, a powerful Bone Gnawer Theurge came across Great White Mouse asleep in the Umbra, and woke him. He accompanied the spirit and helped Mouse become reacquainted with the changes of the world, and eventually returned with the Theurge to reside in the Chimare beneath Turtle Pond, becoming a secondary totem for the Sept of the Green.


Great White Mouse

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