Howard "Nirhodha - Truth of the End of Suffering" Koar

A bald man with a serene countenance and a history of tattoos across his body.


The caern’s Truthcatcher is a practitioner of Buddhism by the name of Howard Koar – or by his Garou name Nirhodha (the Buddhist term for “The Truth of the End of Suffering”). Nirhodha’s forearms, chest, neck, and thighs are all covered with tattoos – a fact that brings pain to many Garou as they ponder the lengths to which one of the People must go to permanently mark their bodies in such a fashion.

Howard keeps his head cleanly shaved at all times, and is an incredibly fit individual with an air of calm about him. He rarely talks about his own past, instead employing a calm demeanor and incredible insight to focus conversations on other participants.


Howard "Nirhodha - Truth of the End of Suffering" Koar

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