Mother Larissa

An elderly woman wearing a stained serape over a dirty peasant's blouse


At first glance, Mother Larissa appears to one of New York’s many elderly homeless vagrants. She toddles around the paths of Central Park in her food-stained serape, torn denim jeans, and a ratty blouse, pushing before her a shopping cart filled with her all her life’s goods. Often she peers out of her deep-set blue eyes from below a battered brown bowler. Her face is like old leather, worn and wrinkled,; although her teeth are twisted and yellowed, she still has a full set of chompers. Her wrists and neck are usually adorned with gaudy bangles, bracelets, and necklaces, and despite the clunky, scuffed black orthopedic shoes she wears, she moves with a surprising grace

The abuelita frequently chatters (seemingly to herself), and will often strike up conversations with random park-goers, recanting bizarre stories or screeching off-key songs at them. Although she is often cantankerous, her threats are normally jests; she prefers to resolve conflict through diplomacy or coercion.


Mother Larissa

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