A eclectic street artist who can often be found in and around Central Park.


Thomas Waltz – or as he is better known, Prism – is a street artist who lives near and often visits the Sept of the Green in Central Park. He is of a short and somewhat stout build, wears mutton-chops and a somewhat shaggy black goatee, and generally keeps his close-cropped black hair under a driving cap. His eyes are a warm brown, and he wears glasses (not prescription). He has a septum piercing and two smaller ‘flesh tunnel’ piercings in his ears. The busker typically wears thrift-store corduroys and ‘geek culture’ t-shirts or self-made ‘period’ clothing like poet’s shirts and handsewn vests. He can often be found drawing chalk art on the sidewalks, or perhaps sewing\quilting on a blanket in the Strawberry Fields; he also occasionally will build impromptu sculptures out of the various detritus that blows into the park.

Prism is the sept’s Keeper of the Land.



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