Rhiannon an Llafn

An auburn-haired beauty who has the voice of the original Rhiannon and the blade of the Morrigu.


Rhiannon an Llafn (Rhiannon’s Blade) is a dark auburn-haired woman with a voice like coiling fog. She generally wears simple white blouses, olive drab cargo pants, and a pair of heavy hiking boots – odd garb for someone whose beauty would be more appropriate in a Fifth Avenue shop. Her lustrous hair is almost invariably pulled up in a simple braided-leather headband.

The Fianna is a competent warrior in battle, but is primarily known for her melodiously haunting voice. Despite her younger age, she is a member of the Elder Council, and also acts as the sept’s Master of the Howl and Talesinger.


Rhiannon an Llafn

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