Samuel "The Skinner" Haight

The Garou's bogeyman - deceased.


Samuel “The Skinner” Haight was born kin to the Children of Gaia; the tribe quietly considers him their ultimate loss. Like too many kin, Haight was jealous of his Garou ‘elders’ and coveted the power they wielded, and the disdain with which so many werewolves – even the Children – treated their non-changing blood.

Haight’s first foray into darkness occurred after he abandoned his duties at the sept he called home. He began delving into knowledge related to the Kindred, and discovered that by drinking the blood of the leeches he could become a ghoul – more powerful than a normal human, and combined with his kinfolk blood, a somewhat more powerful being. He overlooked the fact that doing so would slowly Wyrm-taint him, and so when he returned to his former Garou allies to present his services, they instead shunned him and cast him out.

At this point, Haight’s history becomes cloudy. Through some means, Haight learned a horrific mystical ritual known as the Rite of the Sacred Rebirth: By collecting the skins of five dead Garou and preserving them using a rare ointment under the moon of the former werewolf’s auspice, a mundane human could become a full Garou. And so Haight began to hunt down and slay his former allies, eventually gathering the necessary five skins and ‘claiming’ his birthright. He passed this information on to other jealous and bitter kinfolk, and began to slowly and quietly build his own tribe of Skin Dancers, even going so far as to recruiting a spirit, Minotaur, to act as their tribal totem.

As time passed The Skinner became even more insane in his lust for power; he slaughtered a coven of Verbena and plundered their knowledge to gain the power of the mages’ spheres (thus becoming effectively an Awakened Garou ghoul kinfolk). The monster was slaughtered in Mexico when he attempted to drink the blood of the Antediluvian of the Ba’ali clan; even though the leech in question was merely a methuselah, it still slaughtered Haight handily.

Haight found himself in the Shadowlands after death, where he was captured and soul-forged into an ashtray, to languish for eternity on a minor functionary’s desk.

But The Skinner – one of the most insane foes borne of mortal and Garou to ever exist – is definitely dead.



Samuel "The Skinner" Haight

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