Sean Rudolf "Wildcard" Quintell

A well-dressed businessman with piercing blue eyes and a dangerous appearance.


Wildcard is an imposing-looking young man of Eastern European descent, who happens to be a sometimes-business partner of the Glass Walker Simon Gentle. He generally dresses in expensive tailored suits, and his jet-black hair is always perfectly coiffed. His eyes are an icy, calculating blue, and he often has a slight bluish tint to it from a constant 5-o’clock shadow.

The Shadow Lord seems amiable enough, but is very controlled and cautious in what he says. He is incredibly graceful in both speech and motion. Wildcard is usually coldly polite – a rather strange quality for a Ragabash. However, the suave werewolf has been instrumental in keeping the caern protected, from a political standpoint, and so even though many do not trust him, he has earned a place on the sept’s Council of Elders.


Sean Rudolf "Wildcard" Quintell

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