Shakey Mac

A gold-toothed, grey-bearded older black man with a friendly smile and a battered derby.


Shakey Mac grew up on the streets of Manhattan, the bastard offspring of a minor level politician with ambitions and a prostitute. He commonly wears a pair of gray thermals and a black hoodie, along with a black wool derby. Despite being homeless, Mac’s grey goatee is always neatly-trimmed, and he smiles frequently, flashing a gold-capped tooth.

Mac has a fondness for jazz ‘scat’, and often speaks in intricate rhymes even when he doesn’t need to do so. He also loves to dance, and rarely stands still, instead shifting about in a dance to some unheard tune, often moving so erratically that he seems to be having fits. The Gnawer is thickly-built and is an apt combatant, but is also keen-eyed and quick-witted, which earned him the position as the sept’s Master of the Challenge.


Shakey Mac

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