An incredibly cunning but barely-contained bundle of rage wrapped in wolf fur.


Snarl is a large brown wolf who acts as the caern’s Warder. While it’s incredibly rare to find a Red Talon within a city, especially a sprawling metropolis such as New York, the wolf believes that he is the caern’s only hope for survival in the war, and his sense of duty to Gaia keeps him tied to the Wyrm-infested pit.

While still in the wilds of upstate New York, Snarl was experimenting with learning to live in homid form, as he believed that infiltrating the humans was a necessary step to bringing them under control. Some hunters heard him moving around inside a cave, and gassed him; when he awoke, he was in the Central Park Zoo. While he was able to readily escape from the enclosure, leaving the city proved to be too difficult, and so he was trapped and joined the Sept of the Green out of necessity.

Snarl is more likely than the average Red Talon to assume homid form, but that doesn’t make him any less of an ape-hater; he does so only to learn about his enemy. He is an incredibly intelligent wolf, but at the same time is a tightly-wound bundle of rage that is simply biding its time until he can start assaulting the Wyrm.



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