House Rules and Mechanics Errata

Revised Roll Mechanics: Target Numbers and Difficulties

For nearly all rolls, the target number for the roll will be 7, rather than 6. Difficulties will be expressed in the number of successes required. For example, a Difficulty of 2 means that the player must have at least two dice of 7 or higher on her roll after cancelling successes with 1s.

For all systems, rites, gifts, etc. that express the difficulty in old numerical terms – for example, “difficulty 6” – the following conversion will apply: Rolls noted at a difficulty of 7 or below will generally require 1 success (or may happen automatically if the character is proficient in the area) to achieve; systems relying on difficulty 7 or 8 will usually require 2 successes; mechanics using difficulties of 9 or 10 will typically require 3 successes minimum.

The difficulty for gifts, rites, etc. that levy raised target numbers can be calculated by taking 6 plus the penalty, and then determining the number of successes necessary to achieve.

Botches will use the revised system; ones will cancel out successes on a roll, but as long as at least one success was achieved (even if cancelled) the roll is simply a failure. A botch only occurs when no successes are rolled at all and at least one 1 is present.

House Rules and Mechanics Errata

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