Khamsin Staff

Level 5, Gnosis 7 (Difficulty +2)
While the Silent Striders may be exiled from Egypt, the searing winds of their desert home still travel with them in the form of the Khamsin Staff. This roughly 7’ staff is made of cured sycamore that has been bleached in the sun and smoothed with desert sand. It is wrapped in the middle with camel or snake leather. The staff’s length is carved with fire-blackened Garou glyphs and ancient hieroglyphs meaning “desert” and “wind”. It is bound with a spirit of the desert.

When used as a weapon, the staff acts as a normal quarterstaff. When activated during combat with a Gnosis roll, the weapon whips into life a small but wild dust-filled cyclone that surrounds the target until the end of the next round. This minor dust devil makes it more difficult for the target to maneuver, increasing the difficulty of all attacks or dodge attempts by 1. Each successive, consecutive activated strike increases this penalty by 1 (to a maximum of 3). Additionally, on the second and third successful strikes the target must make a successful Dexterity+Acrobatics check or fall prone.

As a last resort, the Silent Strider may use the staff to summon up the full powers of the desert storm. To do this, he must stand perfectly still with the staff held vertically in front of him, and expend a point of Gnosis. He then activates the staff, at a difficulty of 3 (the Gnosis is expended whether the roll fails or succeeds).

With one success, a searing, wild wind filled with dust and debris begins to howl, covering a circular area roughly 30’ in diameter. At three successes, the wind increases to a gale-force haboob, reducing visibility to a few feet; heat lightning also begins to blast from the sky above. At five successes, the wind builds to a skin-tearing sandstorm and heat lightning strikes at random points within the storm every few minutes; each round, any creature (save the fetish’s wielder) takes a level of lethal damage from the sand-blasting. The effects of this storm do not touch the fetish-wielder or anyone in physical contact with her.

After this, the khamsin gets no worse, but further successes may call up other enviromental disasters at the Storyteller’s discretion. Once the staff has been used in this way, it no longer holds the spiritual power necessary for any of its spiritual effects, and must be buried in sand for one full moon cycle to recharge.

Khamsin Staff

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