Sept of the Cygnus

Sept of the Cygnus
Caern of the White Swan
Swan Lake, New York, Catskill Protectorate
Level 2 Caern
Totem: Swan

The Sept of the Cygnus is located near the town of Swan Lake, New York, in the Catskill Protectorate. This is the only known Garou caern in the region; the Catskills are home to many supernatural creatures, and is a strong enclave of the fae, who in the past had driven out attempts at any spiritual footholds on the part of the People.

Despite that, the creators and current custodians of the Caern of the White Swan successfully negotiated a rough peace with the fae. This is a relatively young caern; it was dedicated back in the mid-1960s by a group of precocious but resourceful Silver Fangs and Fianna.

The Cygnus Sept is on neutral terms with the Sept of the Green; the followers of Swan are friendly but very guarded on certain topics – as though they are hiding a secret. They’ve welcomed members from the other caerns in the region to ensure that they are not becoming corrupted, and investigations have found no evidence of Wyrm taint, yet there is still something odd about the Caern of the White Swan.

Sept of the Cygnus

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