Sept of the Hand of Gaia

Sept of the Hand of Gaia
Caern of the Americas
Lake Seneca, Seneca, NY, Finger Lakes Protectorate
Level 5 Caern of Engimas and Healing
Totem: The Life of the Nation

This caern is the most powerful site in New York, and has long been a sacred spot to the Pure Ones. Nestled between several huge 600-foot deep glacial lakes (the geological structure of which is not duplicated anywhere else in the world), the Garou legends say that the Caern was formed when the left hand of Gaia reached down to scoop out Wyrm beasts from this area of her body; as she tore out the wickedeness, she blessed the ground she touched. Whatever the explanation, the energies of Gaia are potent here, and cause homids and Garou alike to have deeply personal visions.

The caern’s totem is an enigmatic spiritual concept known as The Life of the Nation. While the spirit appears to be an embodiment of the American continents in general, the Garou have been communing with the spirit for nearly a millenium and still do not understand much of the language in which it communicates.

Because of the healing nature of the caern, the Children of Gaia hold offices within the sept, but the Black Furies hold a dominant role. Although the sept is open to visitors, the Fury proprietors have become more and more restrictive in recent years.

Sept of the Hand of Gaia

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