Sept of the Sentinel's Might

Sept of the Sentinel’s Might
Caern of the Sentinel
Sentinel Mountain, Adirondack Mountains, NY, North Country Protectorate
Level 3 of Strength
Totem: Tijus-Keha, Sentinel of the Mountain

The Caern of the Sentinel can be found atop the peak of Sentinel Mountain, the highest peak in the Sentinel Range section of the Adirondack Mountains in New York. Originally overseen by the Uktena, it is currently under control of the Get of Fenris. The caern has a long and bloody history – sadly, one that is too frequent in the Peoples’ past.

In the 1600s, a powerful Get war leader called Valka Great-Thorn swept in during an ongoing battle between the Uktena and the Wyrm. His forces defeated both the Wyrm’s minions as well as the Uktena, and the Get took the caern (earning them a bitter foe in the Uktena). The Uktena allied with the Shadow Lords in the early 1700s and reclaimed the caern from the Get, but infighting between the two tribes weakened the caern and the Get re-took ownership of the mountaintop nexus and have controlled it since.

Fenris’s children long maintained a policy of exclusion at this caern, not allowing any non-Get to use the caern or even approach it, but of late because of the deterioration of the region’s spiritual energies they have taken to allowing non-Get packs limited use of the caern.

The caern’s totem, Tijus-Keha, is a mysterious entity from the days of the Uktena. It speaks only in riddles, in a voice like the soft initial rumblings of an avalanche.

Sept of the Sentinel's Might

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