Totem of Respect
Background Cost: 7

Swan is a beautiful and noble spirit, loyal to her allies and desperately vicious to her foes.

Individual Traits: Followers of Swan gain one point of Honor Renown and can gain an extra die on any rolls that involve Appearance by invoking Swan’s name.

Pack Traits: Packs that follow Swan find their bonds strengthened beyond imagining. They are taught a slightly altered version of the Gift Mindspeak; they may only use Mindspeak with members of their pack, but their dice pools are only decreased by one while within the waking dream. Additionally, the pack gains three additional Willpower per story.

Ban: Swan asks that her children keep themselves sleek and tidy when presenting themselves for formal social situations. Additionally, she requires that her followers never knowingly betray an ally, and that they never in retreat leave a fallen comrade behind; better to sacrifice one’s life in defending a fallen ally than leave their body on the field of battle.


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