The Sept of the Green

The Sept of the Green
Central Park Caern
Central Park, New York City Protectorate
Level 3 Caern of Fellowship
Totems: Mera, Great White Mouse


In the eras recorded by the Garou, there have been fewer than 20 Imperial Moots. One such gathering was held on Manhattan Island in 1855. In an attempt to quell urban expansion, the Silver Fangs audaciously dedicated a caern in the middle of the country’s (then) largest city. No revel had ever been greater, and after an unheard-of expenditure of Gnosis, a caern of the Wyld, dedicated to Mera, was created.

New York City’s government believed that no businesses would want to develop the area due to the number of homeless ‘villages’ and open sewage drains on the island, and so it set aside over 800 acres for a park. A prize was offered for park design, and out of the 20 entries, one design was selected. The winners were Calvert Vaux (Glass Walker Kinfolk) and Frederick Law Olmsted (Bone Gnawer Kin).

Between 1858 and 1874 the park was built. The Silver Fangs “oversaw” the whole process, but integrating a caern into the middle of a sprawling metropolis was somewhat being their ken, and their enthusiasm for the project waned. The Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers felt at home and moved into the caern, but neglected the caern’s totem, Mera, allowing the forces of the Wyld to slowly diminish.

It wasn’t until the Great Depression hit that the slipping of power was halted. Those displaced by the market crash were left on the streets, and the Bone Gnawers, familiar with their plight, erected a massive city of shanties and tents on the Great Lawn. “Hooverville”, as it became known, provided shelter and food for thousands of dispossessed New Yorkers.

Most importantly, however, it was during this time that a powerful Gnawer Theurge (the Reverend Barnaby Morton) began to sleep by Turtle Pond, seeking inspiration for his sermons. One particular dream led him through the Chimare that Mera had created there and far into the Deep Umbra, where he found an ancient and neglected totem sleeping. He awakened the Great White Mouse from his slumber and accompanied the spirit on a journey to reacquaint itself with how the world had changed while it slept. Shortly, they returned to the Chimare near Turtle Pond. Mouse’s aid to the Bone Gnawers helped them to organize and save the lives of many, but perhaps more importantly, he became a secondary totem and spurred the Gnawers to begin the restoration of the caern.

The progress has been slow and challenging. The Weaver has continually attempted to encroach on the park. Numerous outrageous plans – for example, the construction of an air field; a vast circus ground, and a massive underground parking facility – were proposed, but through careful interference by the city’s Glass Walkers, the plans have failed to succeed.

The Sept

The Sept of the Green is unusual due to the tribal diversity of the Garou living there. Most caerns are dominated by one or two tribes, but the Bone Gnawers shun elitism in such matters, and anyone is welcome to visit and (hopefully) learn.

On its surface, sept politics seem to be surprisingly placid for the variety of tribes residing here. The Gnawers use a casual, semi-democratic system of government to manage the caern, and open conflict is rare.

In truth, however, rivalries and misunderstandings are waged in secret; mysteries and machinations lie shrouded beneath the caern’s calm appearance, and some individuals have plans for the caern…

Sept Rules and Etiquette

Visitors to the caern quickly learn a few rules of etiquette. Mother Larissa and Content Not Found: spotlight oversee the Chiminage to the sept. Any Garou passing through the park or visiting for the day should leave a gift in the Ramble; the nature of the gift varies depending on the park’s needs, but items for the homeless and money for the park’s upkeep and restoration are always appreciated. In addition to this material Chiminage, any Garou who plans to spend the night is expected to tell a story by the massive elm tree in the Great Lawn.

Spotlight fanatically preserves Central Park’s Veil. Frightening people in the park is strictly forbidden and, regardless of Delirium, Garou are heavily discouraged from takin their Crinos forms. Punishment for infractions range from banishment to execution; the latter sometimes seems preferable, as Spotlight can be very cruel and creative with his punishments.

Visitors who work well with the sept may be offered membership; in these cases they are required to donate a point of Gnosis to the Great White Mouse, or to present the sept with a fetish of power appropriate to the Garou’s stature. he is also expected to demonstrate how he can benefit the sept in the long term.


Central Park is located in Manhattan. 110th Street (or Central Park North) forms the northern border. East 59th St (or Central Park South) marks the park’s southern edge. 8th Street (Central Park West) is the park’s western border. 5th Avenue bounds the park to the east. Many sections of the park are barred by natural stone walls or ancient wrought-iron fences; there are a total of 13 main gates into the park:

  • Warriors’ Gate and Farmers’ Gate (Central Park North)
  • Artisans’ Gate and Artists’ Gate (Central Park South
  • Inventors’ Gate, Engineers’ Gate, and Girls’ Gate (5th Avenue)
  • Womens’ Gate, Explorers’ Gate, Mariners’ Gate, All Saints’ Gate, Boys’ Gate, and Strangers’ Gate (Central Park West)

There are also numerous other smaller entrances to the park.

Four horse paths cut across the park from west to east; they correspond roughly to 95th Street, 85th Street, 79th Street, and 65th Street. The Central Park Resevoir is the most visible landmark, and divides the park in half.

The entire park forms the bawn of the caern, allowing the Garou to watch the humans closely. At the same time, they have a chance to interact (and understand) these humans. The force of the Wyld is strong here, and the Bone Gnawers want the citizens of New York to enjoy the serenity of nature that it lends. At the same time, the fact that people expect to see unusual street folk and occurrences in New York City, the Garou have a great deal of freedom to interact without seeming too out-of-place.

The caern actually has two centers. The stronger one, overseen by Mera, encompasses the Esplanade and Bethesda Fountain. The spirit of the Great White Mouse can also be summoned on the Great Lawn near Turtle Pond.

For more information on the various important locations within the park itself, see the main wiki page for an index of locations.

General Sept Population Details

Total Garou membership: 38
Black Furies – 3
Bone Gnawers – 9
Children of Gaia – 2
Fianna – 4
Get of Fenris – 1
Glass Walkers – 6
Red Talon – 1
Shadow Lord – 4
Silent Strider – 1
Silver Fangs – 1
Stargazers – 2
Uktena – 2
Wendigo – 2

Kinfolk population: 30 (Primarily Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers)

Sept Leadership and Offices

Mother LarissaGrand Elder
Aleister “Hot Sauce” ScovilleElder Council, Master of the Rite, Gatekeeper
SnarlElder Council, Warder
Shakey MacElder Council, Master of the Challenge
PrismKeeper of the Land
Simon “Flash” GentleElder Council
Sean Rudolf “Wildcard” QuintellElder Council
Rhiannon an LlafnMaster of the Howl, Talesinger, Elder Council
Howard “Nirhodha – Truth of the End of Suffering” KoarElder Council, Truthcatcher

The Sept of the Green

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